Pilppu (gothic_poison) wrote in dasexyglbts,

I am GLBT proud, am I sexy?

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I don't have that short hair anymore :P

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Name: Pilvi
Age: 18, 19 in about a month (yay!)
Location: Finland
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Gay/Lez/Bi/Trans?: Bi
Single or Taken?: single
On a scale of 1-10 what would you give yourself?: 7.5
Favorite Thing About Yourself: I'm friendly and sometimes worry about close people maybe a bit too much, hehe, on physical side i like my eyes and lips alot *blush* teehee..
What don't you like about yourself? i don't like being so quiet and shy around new people
Hobbies/Interests: literature, i read and write alot, music, i listen to music alot and "try" to write songs of my own.
What do you love/like? i love nature, art, music, eroticism, sleeping, dreaming...
What do you hate/dislike? insects, narrow-minded people, music without meaning, too hot weather and drunken people
What makes you Sexy? my personality and the flirtatious (sp?) way i talk to some people
Are you GLBT proud? of course i am!
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