Lauren with an N (bluedisk) wrote in dasexyglbts,
Lauren with an N


Well, I updated my interests for my LJ...

It's all kind of perverted, but what do I care? I'm a pervert. My girlfriend calls me a dirty old man. (I'm a girl)

My head itches. I joined some communities too.

You know, I think it's bullshit when community monitors close communities and disallow them to be open to the public. There's this one community that's total bullshit...

It's called dasexyglbts and the monitors of that community actually make you post a survey of yourself along with some pictures of yourself, using very strict rules to do so, in order to make you a member of the community. How shitty is that? I'm getting out of that community. They'll probably kick me out after this post, which I'm going to post in their community too!

I think that's selfish, and wrong...

Since when did gays, lesbians, bi's and trans sexuals start to discriminate against their own kind? The ones that I hang out with do not do such things.

Check out lesbian they're pretty cool there... There are no stupid survey applications for a damn LJ community!

If the monitors of that community were anything worthy, then they wouldn't do that, they would allow anyone to post to that community so that people can meet other people (instead of being so selfish) and they wouldn't "pick and choose" who could be allowed to the community and who couldn't based on votes by the members of that community!
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